Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Run Delegated Administrator Console and Utility

Launching the Console

The Delegated Administrator console is launched by accessing the Web container to which it is deployed.

ProcedureTo launch the Delegated Administrator console

  1. Go to the following url:



    host is the Web container host machine

    port is the Web container port

    For example:

    The Delegated Administrator console log-in window appears.

  2. Log in to the Delegated Administrator console.

    You could use the Top-Level Administrator (TLA) user ID and password specified in the Delegated Administrator configuration program. This information was requested in the following panel:

    Top-Level Administrator for the default organization

    Note –

    Values set in Access Manager can determine session time-outs when you are running the Delegated Administrator console. For information on the session time-out values, see “Session Service Attributes,” in the Sun Java System Access Manager Administration Guide. For information on viewing these values in the Access Manager console, see “Current Sessions” in the Sun Java System Access Manager Administration Guide.

Running the Command-Line Utility

You can run the Delegated Administrator utility by entering the command name, commadmin, from a terminal window.

ProcedureTo run the command-line utility

  1. Go to the da_base/bin/ directory. For example, go to /opt/SUNWcomm/bin/.

  2. Enter the commadmin command.

Example 3–1 Using commadmin to search for users

The following command searches for users in the domain:

commadmin user search -D chris -w bolton -d -n

For details about this commadmin command, see commadmin user search.

commadmin Return Codes

Tip –

When a commadmin operation success, an OK message is displayed on the command line.

If a failure occurs, the following message appears:



Where <message> displays the error text.