Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide


commadmin admin remove -D login -l login -n domain -w password
   -d domain name [-h] [-?] [-i inputfile] [-p AM port] [-X AM host]
   [-s] [-v] [-V]


The following options are mandatory:



-D login

The user ID of the top-level administrator. 

-l login

The user ID of the user whose administrator privileges need to be revoked. 

-n domain

The domain of the top-level administrator. 

-w password

The password of the top-level administrator. 

-d domain name

The domain to which administrator privileges are revoked. If -d is not specified, the domain specified by -n is used.

The following options are non-mandatory:



-h, -?

Prints command usage syntax. 

-i inputfile

Reads the command information from a file instead of the command line. 

-p AM port

Use this option to specify an alternate TCP port where the Access Manager is listening. If not specified, the default AM port is used, or Port 80 is used if no default was configured at install time.

-X AM host

Specify the host on which the Access Manager is running. If not specified, the default AM host is used, or the localhost if no default was configured at install time.


Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to connect to the Access Manager. 


Enable debugging output. 


Prints information about the utility and its version. 


The following command removes Organization Administrator privileges from the administrator with user ID admin5:

commadmin admin remove -D chris -n -w bolton -l admin5 -d