Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Information Needed to Create a Provider Organization, Subordinate Organization, and SPA

To create a provider organization, one subordinate organization, and an SPA, you need to replace parameters in the custom service-provider template with information specific to your installation.

As you read about these parameters, you can look at a listing of the da.provider.skeleton.ldif shown in Custom Service-Provider Template. Or open the actual ldif file, located in the following directory:


For definitions of the attributes associated with these parameters, see “Chapter 5: Communications Services Delegated Administrator Classes and Attributes (Schema 2)” and “Chapter 3: Messaging Server and Calendar Server Attributes” in the Sun Java System Communications Services Schema Reference.

Parameters Defining the Provider and Subordinate Organization

To create a provider organization and subordinate organization, edit the following parameters:

Parameters Defining the SPA

To create an SPA, edit the following parameters:

For instructions in how to edit the custom service-provider template and install the information in your directory, see Steps for Creating a Provider Organization and Service Provider Administrator.