Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Starting the Configuration

You must enter the information requested in the first configuration-program panels.

ProcedureTo start the configuration

  1. Welcome

    The first panel in the configuration program is a copyright page. Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit.

  2. Select directory to store configuration and data files

    Select the directory where you want to store the Delegated Administrator configuration and data files. The default configuration directory is /var/opt/SUNWcomm. This directory should be separate from the da_base directory (/opt/SUNWcomm).

    Enter the name of the directory, or keep the default and click Next to continue.

    If the directory does not exist, a dialog appears asking if you want to create the directory or choose a new directory. Click Create Directory to create the directory or Choose New to enter a new directory.

    A dialog appears indicating that the components are being loaded. This may take a few minutes.

  3. Select components to configure

    Select the component or components you want to configure on the Components Panel.

    • Delegated Administrator Utility (client)—the command-line interface invoked with commadmin. This component is required and is selected by default. It cannot be deselected.

    • Delegated Administrator Server—the Delegated Administrator server components required to run the Delegated Administrator console.

    • Delegated Administrator Console—the Delegated Administrator graphical user interface (GUI).

    Click Next to continue, Back to return to the previous panel, or Cancel to exit.

    For more information about how to choose components, see Choose Which Components to Configure

    If you choose not to configure the Delegated Administrator server, a dialog box cautions you that you must configure the Delegated Administrator Server on another machine. The server must be configured to enable the Delegated Administrator utility and console to work.