Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

ProcedureTo create your own service packages

  1. Copy and rename one of the parameterized templates in the da.cos.skeleton.ldif file.

    When you install Delegated Administrator, the da.cos.skeleton.ldif file is installed in the following directory:


    Choose one of these templates in the da.cos.skeleton.ldif file to copy and rename:

  2. Edit the following parameters in your copy of the template:

    • <ugldapbasedn>

      Change the root suffix parameter,<rootSuffix>, to your root suffix (such as o=usergroup).

      The <ugldapbasedn> parameter appears in the DN.

    • <service package name>

      Change the <service package name> parameter to your own service package name.

      The <service package name> parameter appears in the DN and the cn.

    • Mail attribute values:


      Edit these values to your specifications.

      For example, you could enter the following values for the mail attributes:

      mailMsgMaxBlocks: 400 
      mailQuota: 400000000 
      mailMsgQuota: 5000 
      mailAllowedServiceAccess: imap:ALL$+pop:ALL$+smtp:ALL$+http:ALL
    • Calendar attribute values:


      These parameters represent values for the icsPreferredHost, icsDWPHost, and icsFirstDay LDAP attributes.

      Edit these values to your specifications.

    For definitions and descriptions of these attributes, see “Chapter 3: Messaging Server and Calendar Server Attributes” in the Sun Java System Communications Services Schema Reference.

    You must use at least one attribute in a customized Class-of-Service template. You do not have to use all four mail attributes in a custom template. You can delete one or more attributes from the service package.

  3. Use the LDAP directory tool ldapmodify to install the service package in the directory.

    For example, you could run the following command:

    ldapmodify -D <directory manager> -w <password> -f <cos.finished.template.ldif>


    <directory manager> is the name of the Directory Server administrator.

    <password> is the password of the Directory Service administrator.

    <cos.finished.template.ldif> is the name of the edited ldif file to be installed as a service package in the directory.