Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Creating Shared and Full Subordinate Organizations

Once you have created a provider organization and an SPA, the SPA can create and manage both shared and full organizations subordinate to the provider organization. The SPA uses the Delegated Administrator console to accomplish these tasks.

The following task outlines the key steps in creating a shared organization or a full organization. This task does not describe how to enter all the information displayed when you create an organization with the Create New Organization wizard. For detailed descriptions of the Create New Organization wizard, see the Delegated Administrator console online help.

ProcedureTo create a shared or full subordinate organization

  1. Launch the Delegated Administrator console.

    Go to the following url:



    host is the Web container host machine

    port is the Web container port

    For example:

    The Delegated Administrator console log-in window appears.

  2. Log in to the Delegated Administrator console using the SPA login ID and password.

    The preceding section, Creating a Provider Organization and Service Provider Administrator, describes how to create an SPA.

    The Service Provider Administrator page appears. The Organizations tab is selected by default. The page displays the organizations subordinate to the SPA's provider organization.

  3. Click New Organization.

    The Create New Organization wizard appears. For details about entering and selecting information in the Create New Organization wizard, see the Delegated Administrator console online help.

  4. Enter information in the Organization Information panel and click Next.

    The Contact Information panel appears.

  5. Enter information in the Contact Information panel and click Next.

    The Account Information panel appears.

  6. Choose whether to create a shared organization or full organization.

    In the Account Information panel, you determine whether the new organization will be shared or full.

    A shared organization uses an existing domain shared with other organizations.

    A full organization has its own unique domain.

    • To create a shared organization, click the Select from available domains radio button.

      From the drop-down list, choose a domain.

      Note –

      When you create a shared organization, the Calendar service details are inherited from the existing parent domain. Therefore, you will not enter Calendar service information for the new organization. The Calendar Service Details panel will not appear in the Create New Organization wizard. Furthermore, after the shared organization is created, Calendar Service Details do not appear in the organization's Properties page.

    • To create a full organization, click the New domain radio button.

      In the text box, enter a new mail domain name. For example:

      If you wish, enter alias names for the new domain in the Alias Names for the New Domain text box.

  7. Enter information in the remaining panels of the Create New Organization wizard.

    For details about these panels, see the Delegated Administrator console online help.