Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade Customized Service Packages

  1. Edit each customized service package by adding the following line to the ldif file defining the service package:

    daServiceType: mail user

    The daServiceType attribute defines the type of service (mail or calendar) and the target (users or groups).

    Service packages created in the previous release only provided mail service to users. Thus, the value of daServiceType should be mail user.

    The following example shows what the edited ldif file might look like:

    dn: cn=myservicepackage,o=cosTemplates,o=mycompanysuffix
    changetype: modify
    replace: daServiceType
    daServiceType: mail user
  2. Use the LDAP directory tool ldapmodify to update the service package in the directory.

    For example, you could run the following command:

    ldapmodify -D <directory manager> -w <password> -f myservicepackage


    <directory manager> is the name of the Directory Server administrator.

    <password> is the password of the Directory Service administrator.

    myservicepackage is the name of the ldif file defining the customized service package.