Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Adding a Custom Object Class When You Create an LDAP Object

You can enable Delegated Administrator to add a custom object class to the LDAP entry of a new user, group, resource, or organization. To accomplish this task, you customize the appropriate object-creation template installed in the directory by Access Manager.

For example, the BasicUser creation template determines which object classes and attributes are added to a user entry when you create a new user. You can update the BasicUser creation template with your custom object class. Thereafter, the custom object class will be added to each new user entry together with the standard object classes.

The following procedure describes how to customize the BasicUser template. You can follow the same procedure to customize the BasicGroup, BasicResource, and BasicOrganization creation templates.

ProcedureTo add a custom object class to the user-creation process

  1. Make sure your custom object class is defined in the directory schema.

  2. Locate the following directory entry:


    where $Root_Suffix is the root suffix of your directory.

  3. Add the following attribute:value to the entry:


    where $Your_Custom_Objectclass is your custom object class.