Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Configuring the Calendar Server Parameters in File

Note –

Ensure that the Proxy Authentication and Anonymous Access is enabled in Sun Java™ System Calendar Server.

To enable Proxy Authentication and Anonymous Access, configure the following Calendar Server parameters in the calendar configuration, ics.config, file:

For more information on enabling Proxy Authentication and instructions on configuring the Calendar Server parameters, refer to Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide

Table 3–6 Calendar Server Parameters


Default Value 




Specifies whether the calendar module is deployed. The parameter is set when you run the configuration wizard. The attribute is set to “true” if calendar is deployed.


Specifies the host name of the WCAP server. 



Specifies the port number WCAP listens to. 



Specifies the Admin ID for the WCAP Sever. 



Specifies the Admin Password for the WCAP Server. 

Note –