Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Creating Hosted Domain

This section describes the steps you need to perform to create hosted domains.

ProcedureTo specify the domain related properties for a particular domain:

  1. Create a directory with the domain name under uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain.

    For example: uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/domain/domain-name

  2. Copy the domain related configuration files under uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain directory to this directory. Refer to the section, Setting Hosted Domains for a list of domain related parameters.

  3. Customize the property files in the uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/domain/domain-name directory as explained in the sections below.

  4. To enable Access Manager login url to be constructed according to the domain specific URL of Communications Express, set the fully qualified virtual hostname, uwc.isvirtualhostname, to the virtual hostname of Access Manager.

    For example, when

    and if you are accessing Communications Express from

    then the Access Manager URL will appear as .

    If the fully qualified virtual hostname is not mapped to the to the virtual hostname of the Access Manager, Communications Express constructs the Access Manager login URL based on the static Access Manager login URL configured in uwcauth.identity.login.url.

    For example, if uwcauth.identity.login.url= and you access Communications Express from a domain specific URL such as , Communications Express will construct the IS login URL as:

    where the domain is,

    If the domain is, Communications Express will construct the Access Manager login URL as: .

  5. Make the following changes in the Access Manager configuration:

    1. Define FQDN mapping in The default location of file is: /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/

      For example, if Access Manager is accessed from the virtual host as, the FQDN mapping will appear as:


    2. Add in the additional cookie domain field in cookie domains, under service configuration -\> platform .