Configuring Calendar Server for Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Configuring Recurring Events

In Outlook, recurring events can be created with no end date. Calendar Server accepts events with no end date internally, but creates only 60 occurrences by default. Also, free/busy information is only kept up to the number of occurrences kept in the Calendar Server. For example, if you create a daily recurring event at 10:00 am in Outlook and the Calendar Server only keeps up to 60 repeating events, on day 61 the event still appear on Outlook but the 10:00 am time appears as “free” when calculating availability.

The default can be changed to a greater value by editing the calstore.recurrence.bound parameter in the ics.conf file. See Configuring Calendar Server in Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide for information about this parameter.