Tuning LDAP to Improve Searches in Communications Services Clients

Setting up the Search Filter in Communications Express

You must change the search filter used by Communications Express to accommodate the matching rule syntax through the collation rule parameters specified in the db_config.properties file. The file resides under deployed-path/WEB-INF/ldappstore for personal store and deployed-path/WEB-INF/corp-dir for corporate directory.

The parameters are:

# Collation Rule
# Uncomment below to apply collation rule
# collation_rule=en-US
# Search Fields for which collation rule should be applied.
# The fields provided here should be disambiguator formatted fields
# e.g. entry/displayname, person/givenname etc.
# Uncomment below to supply the comma-separated fields
# search_fields=entry/displayname

Uncomment the collation_rule and search_fields parameters to enable the collation rule. In order to specify a separate set of field or fields in the search, change the value of search_fields to the desired values. The collation_rule can contain either the language tag or the OID corresponding to that language (in the example without the suffix specifying the type of search. The Web Container instance needs to be started after making the change.

Index the following attributes on the LDAP Server for international search against Communications Express: