Tuning Communications Express to Work With Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Defining the System Folders for Outlook

A new Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook mail system mapping file is available to provide better interoperability between Outlook and Communications Express. This solution allows the administrator to configure how system folders are mapped. The uwc_folders.map file contains the system folder mapping definitions for Communications Express. The outlook_folders.map file contains the system folder mapping definitions for Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

You can choose one of the mapping folders files to use as the default system folder mapping definition files in the Deployment Configuration Program (under the Mail tab). Select either Outlook style or Communications Express style to indicate which of these two standards the user program should use to name users’ IMAP folders. Your style selection determines which of the map files, outlook_folders.map or uwc_folders.map, is used to map users’ IMAP folder names. Before running this program, an administrator can edit these files to suit local requirements, as long as the original file names remain the same.