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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Administration Reference 


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Chapter 1   Command-Line Tools Reference    
Locations and Brief Descriptions    
Table of Correspondences    
Local Character Sets and UTF-8    

Chapter 2   Server Configuration Reference    
Server Configuration Overview    
LDIF Configuration Files - Location    
Schema Configuration Files - Location    
How the Server Configuration is Organized    
Migration of Pre-Directory Server 5.x Configuration Files to LDIF Format    
Accessing and Modifying Server Configuration    
Access Control for Configuration Entries    
Access Control Instruction Format    
Changing Configuration Attributes    
Core Server Configuration Attributes Reference    
cn=elements,cn=filtering service,cn=features,
cn=sets,cn=filtering service,cn=features,
cn=mapping tree    
Suffix Configuration Attributes Under cn="suffixName"    
Replication Attributes Under cn=replica, cn="suffixName",cn=mapping tree,cn=config    
Replication Attributes Under cn=ReplicationAgreementName,cn=replica, cn="suffixName", cn=mapping tree,cn=config    
cn=Password Policy    
cn=uniqueid generator    
Monitoring Attributes    
cn=monitor,cn=Class of Service,cn=plugins,
Configuration Quick Reference Tables    
LDIF Configuration Files    
Configuration Changes Requiring Server Restart    
Plug-In Overview    
Object Classes for Plug-In Configuration    
Server Plug-In Functionality Reference    
Attributes Common to All Plug-Ins    
Attributes Allowed by Certain Plug-Ins    
Database Plug-In Attributes    
Database Configuration Attributes    
Database Monitoring Attributes    
Database Configuration Attributes Under cn=NetscapeRoot and cn=UserRoot    
Database Performance Attributes    
Default Index Attributes    
Database Monitoring Attributes Under cn=<database_name>    
Database Index Attributes Under cn=NetscapeRoot and cn=UserRoot    
VLV Index Object Classes    
VLV Index Attributes    
Chained Suffix Plug-In Attributes    
Chained Suffix Attributes    
Default Instance Chained Suffix Attributes    
Instance-Specific Chained Suffix Attributes    
Chained Suffix Monitoring Attributes    
Frontend Plug-In Attributes    
Implementation of the DSMLv2 Standard    
Content of the HTTP Header    
Retro Change Log Plug-In Attributes    
Subtree Entry Counter Plug-In Attributes    

Chapter 3   File Reference    
Overview of Directory Server Files    
Backup Files    
Configuration Files    
Database Files    
LDIF Files    
Lock Files    
Log Files    
Log File Layout    
Access Log Content    
Common Connection Codes    
LDAP Result Codes    

Chapter 4   Error Log Message Reference    
Common Error Codes    

Chapter 5   Directory Internationalization Reference    
About Locales    
Identifying Supported Locales    
Supported Language Subtypes    

Chapter 6   LDAP URL Reference    
Components of an LDAP URL    
Escaping Unsafe Characters    
Examples of LDAP URLs    

Chapter 7   LDAP Data Interchange Format Reference    
LDIF File Format    
Continuing Lines in LDIF    
Representing Binary Data    
Specifying Directory Entries Using LDIF    
Specifying Organization Entries    
Specifying Organizational Unit Entries    
Specifying Organizational Person Entries    
Defining Directories Using LDIF    
Storing Information in Multiple Languages    

Chapter 8   About Schema    
Schema Definition    
Object Classes    
Schema Supported by Directory Server    
Object Identifiers (OIDs)    
Extending Server Schema    
Schema Checking    

Chapter 9   Object Class Reference    
Chapter 10   Attribute Reference    
Chapter 11   Operational Attributes    

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