Sun Cluster Data Service for N1 Grid Service Provisioning System for Solaris OS

ProcedureExample: Configuring Cluster Resources for N1 Grid Service Provisioning System Local Distributor

  1. Register the necessary data types on one node.

    phys-schost-1# clresourcetype register SUNW.gds SUNW.HAStoragePlus
  2. Create the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System resource group.

    phys-schost-1# clresourcegroup create -n phys-host-1:clu1,phys-host-2:clu1 RG-SPSLD
  3. Create the logical host.

    phys-schost-1# clreslogicalhostname create -g RG-SPSLD ha-host-1
  4. Create the HAStoragePlus resource in the RG-SPSLD resource group.

    phys-schost-1# clresource create -g RG-SPSLD -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus -p AffinityOn=TRUE \
    > -p FilesystemMountPoints=/global/mnt3,/global/mnt4 RS-SPSLD-HAS
  5. Enable the resource group.

    phys-schost-1# clresourcegroup online -M RG-SPSLD