The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Getting a SOAPConnection Object

The SAAJ API is focused primarily on reading and writing messages. After you have written a message, you can send it using various mechanisms (such as JMS or JAXM). The SAAJ API does, however, provide a simple mechanism for request-response messaging.

To send a message, a SAAJ client can use a SOAPConnection object. A SOAPConnection object is a point-to-point connection, meaning that it goes directly from the sender to the destination (usually a URL) that the sender specifies.

The first step is to obtain a SOAPConnectionFactory object that you can use to create your connection. The SAAJ API makes this easy by providing the SOAPConnectionFactory class with a default implementation. You can get an instance of this implementation using the following line of code.

SOAPConnectionFactory soapConnectionFactory =

Now you can use soapConnectionFactory to create a SOAPConnection object.

SOAPConnection connection = soapConnectionFactory.createConnection();

You will use connection to send the message that you created.