Sun Cluster Data Service for NFS Guide for Solaris OS

Upgrading the SUNW.nfs Resource Type

Upgrade the SUNW.nfs resource type if the following conditions apply:

For general instructions that explain how to upgrade a resource type, see Upgrading a Resource Type in Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS. The information that you require to complete the upgrade of the resource type is provided in the subsections that follow.

Information for Registering the New Resource Type Version

The release of Sun Cluster data services indicates the release in which the version of the resource type was introduced.

To determine the version of the resource type that is registered, use the clresourcetype show command.

The resource type registration (RTR) file for this resource type is /opt/SUNWscnfs/etc/SUNW.nfs.

Information for Migrating Existing Instances of the Resource Type

The information that you require to edit each instance of the resource type is as follows:

The following example shows a command for modifying an instance of the SUNW.nfs resource type.

Example 3 Migrating Instances of the SUNW.nfs Resource Type

# clresource set -p Type_version=3.2 nfs-rs

This command modifies the Type_version property of the nfs-rs resource to 3.2.