Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

Ignoring an Error Whose Effects Are Minor

If the effects of an error to which the server fault monitor responds are minor, ignoring the error might be less disruptive than responding to the error.

For example, the preset action for Oracle error 4030: out of process memory when trying to allocate num-bytes bytes is restart. This Oracle error indicates that the server fault monitor could not allocate private heap memory. One possible cause of this error is that insufficient memory is available to the operating system. If this error affects more than one session, restarting the database might be appropriate. However, this error might not affect other sessions because these sessions do not require further private memory. In this situation, consider specifying that the server fault monitor ignore the error.

The following example shows an entry in a custom action file for ignoring a DBMS error.

Example 4 Ignoring a DBMS Error


This example shows an entry in a custom action file that overrides the preset action for DBMS error 4030. This entry specifies the following behavior: