Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Configure Oracle Database Access Using Veritas Volume Manager

Use this procedure to configure the Oracle database using Veritas Volume Manager software.

Note –

You can run this procedure only in the global zone.

  1. Configure the disk devices for the VxVM software to use.

    See the Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS for information about how to configure Veritas Volume Manager.

  2. If you use raw devices to contain the databases, run the following commands on the current disk-group primary to change each device's owner, group, and mode.

    If you do not use raw devices, do not perform this step.

    1. If you create raw devices, run the following command for each raw device.

      # vxedit -g diskgroup set user=oracle group=dba mode=600 volume

      Specifies the name of the disk group


      Specifies the name of the raw device within the disk group

    2. Verify that the changes are effective.

      # ls -lL /dev/vx/rdsk/diskgroup/volume
    3. Synchronize the device group with the cluster to keep the VxVM namespace consistent throughout the cluster.

      # cldevicegroup sync diskgroup