Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Set the Oracle Kernel Parameters

The default project is modified to contain the resources required for Oracle as the RGM uses the default project for running the data service. If you want to use a specific SRM project for running Oracle, you must create that project and configure the system resources in that project using the same procedure. Specify the project name instead of default. When you configure the resource group or resource for the Oracle server, specify that project name in the corresponding property of the resource group or resource.

  1. Display the settings for the default project.

    phys-X# prctl -i project default
  2. If no kernel parameters are set, or if any kernel parameters are not set to the minimum required value for Oracle as shown in the following table, set the parameter.

    phys-X# projmod -s -K "parameter=(priv,value,deny)" default

    Oracle Kernel Parameter 

    Minimum Required Value 









    See the Oracle10g Installation Guide for more information about these parameters.

  3. Verify the new settings.

    phys-X# prctl -i project default