Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

Operation of the Oracle Listener Fault Monitor

The Oracle listener fault monitor checks the status of an Oracle listener.

If the listener is running, the Oracle listener fault monitor considers a probe successful. If the fault monitor detects an error, the listener is restarted.

Note –

The listener resource does not provide a mechanism for setting the listener password. If Oracle listener security is enabled, a probe by the listener fault monitor might return Oracle error TNS-01169. Because the listener is able to respond, the listener fault monitor treats the probe as a success. This action does not cause a failure of the listener to remain undetected. A failure of the listener returns a different error, or causes the probe to time out.

The listener probe is started through pmfadm to make the probe highly available. If the probe is killed, PMF automatically restarts the probe.

If a problem occurs with the listener during a probe, the probe tries to restart the listener. The value that is set for the resource property retry_count determines the maximum number of times that the probe attempts the restart. If, after trying for the maximum number of times, the probe is still unsuccessful, the probe stops the fault monitor and does not switch over the resource group.