Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

About SAML v1.x

OpenSSO Enterprise can be configured to use SAML v1.x to achieve interoperability between vendor platforms that provide SAML v1.x assertions. Assertions are issued by a SAML v1.x asserting authority (a platform or application that declares whether a subject has been authenticated into its system), and received by relying parties (partner sites defined by the authority as trusted). SAML v1.x authorities use different sources to configure the assertion information, including external data stores or assertions that have already been received and verified. SAML v1.x can be used to allow OpenSSO Enterprise to:

Note –

Although Liberty ID-FF (as described in Using the Liberty ID-FF) integrates aspects of the SAML v1.x specifications, its usage of SAML v1.x is independent of the SAML v1.x framework as described in this section.

Figure 11–4 illustrates how SAML v1.x interacts with the other components in OpenSSO Enterprise.

Figure 11–4 SAML v1.x Interaction in OpenSSO Enterprise

This figure illustrates SAML v1.x interaction
within OpenSSO Enterprise.