Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an Existing Window XP Workstation to Join a UNIX Kerberos Domain

Once the host account is added successfully, you can change the network configuration for the Window XP workstation. You must be logged into Windows XP as an administrator to run the following commands.

  1. Run the kadmin.local command to add the host account for Window XP workstation first on the UNIX side.


    kadmin.local addprinc -pw password -policy hosts -e 
      des-cbc-crc:normal host/demoxp.
  2. Run the ksetup command.

    ksetup /AddKDC
  3. Set the local computer system password.

    This password must match the password you specified when you ran kadmin.local in step 1.

    ksetup /SetComputerPassword password 
  4. Set up user mapping.


    ksetup /mapuser * *