Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Authentication Chaining

  1. Log in to the OpenSSO Enterprise admnistration console as amadmin.

  2. Go to Access Control > Default Realm > Authentication.

  3. Define a new instance of the Windows Desktop SSO Authentication module.

  4. Go to Access Control? > Default Realm > Authentication.

  5. Define new instance of Authentication Chaining.

    1. Click the New button for Authentication Chaining.

      Provide a name for this chain, and then click OK. Example name: WinSSOService.

    2. Click Add, and then choose the first authentication module to be executed in this chain.

      In this example, Windows Desktop SSO is the first module to be executed.

    3. For Criteria, choose Sufficient.

    4. Click Add, and then choose the next authentication module in the chain to be executed.

      In this example, Data Store is the next module to be executed.

    5. For Criteria, choose Sufficient.

  6. Go to Access Control > Default Realm> Authentication, and save this new chaining configuration.