Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance Tuning Guide

Using amtune Modes

You can run the amtune tool in REVIEW mode (the default) or in CHANGE mode, as determined by the AMTUNE_MODE parameter in the file.


This is the default value. Returns tuning recommendations for an OpenSSO Enterprise deployment, but does not make any actual changes to the environment.


Makes all tuning modifications defined in the file. Use CHANGE mode only after you have reviewed and understand the tuning changes that will be applied to your deployment.

In either mode, the tool returns a list of tuning recommendations to the terminal window and to the following log file: <TOOLS_DIR>\<OPENSSO_URI>\logs\amtune-config.<timestamp>.log

Any error messages due to missing or invalid data in the file are displayed in the terminal window and written to the following file: <TOOLS_DIR>\<OPENSSO_URI>\logs\amtune-errors. All other error messages triggered by underlying components such as OpenSSO Enterprise or Sun Web Server are also written to the amtune-errors file.