Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance Tuning Guide



Specifies components to be tuned by amtune.

These settings work in conjunction with the AMTUNE_MODE parameter setting. You can review or change recommended tunings of any set of these components.



Properties Details

Only Solaris and Linux kernel and TCP parameters are supported for tuning.


Only Sun Directory Server is supported for tuning.


Only Sun Application Server 9.1, GlassFish v2, or Sun Web Server 7 are supported for tuning.


OpenSSO tuning.

Other Containers

$WEB_CONTAINER and $CONTAINER_INSTANCE_DIR values do not have to be filled in.

Sample Values:

True or False

Default Value:


Additional Information

Even if only AMTUNE_TUNE_OPENSSO is set to true, if Web Server 7.0 or Application Server 9.1 is the web container for OpenSSO, you must specify values for the following:



  • $WSADMIN_* or $ASADMIN_*

The amtune tool determines whether these containers are running in 32- or 64-bit JRE mode. The amtune tool restarts the server to check its JRE mode and to determine how much heap size is available for setting OpenSSO cache and session entries. For other web containers, the amtune tool supports only 32-bit JRE. For other web containers, set $AMTUNE_TUNE_WEB_CONTAINER to false. Also note the following:

  • $WEB_CONTAINER must be set to other.

  • $CONTAINER_INSTANCE_DIR should be left blank.

  • OpenSSO parameters will be tuned if the value for AMTUNE_TUNE_OPENSSO is set to true.

By default, the amtune tool runs based on the assumption that the following amount of memory (megabytes) is available for tuning OpenSSO when the web container (both Sun and non-Sun) is running with 32-bit JRE:




The amtune tool also tunes OpenSSO Enterprise when it is deployed on WebSphere 6.1 and 7, and on AIX, although it does not tune AIX system parameters or WebSphere container parameters.