Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide

Localization Files

After you deploy the opensso.war file the localized files are located in the following directory:


OpenSSO-Deploy-base represents the deployment directory where the web container deployed the opensso.war file.

In addition to US English (en_US), OpenSSO Enterprise includes localized properties files for these languages:

A localization properties file, sometimes also referred to as an i18n (internationalization) properties file, specifies the screen text and error messages that an administrator or user sees when directed to the attribute configuration page for an authentication module. The properties files are global to the OpenSSO Enterprise instance.

Each authentication module has its own properties file that follows the naming following format:

For example, is for the default language (US English, ISO-8859-1), is for Japanese, and so on.

You can adapt Java applications to these various languages without code changes by translating the values in these respective localization properties file.

The following table summarizes the localization properties files for each authentication module.

Table 13–8 Localization Properties Files for Authentication Modules

File Name 


Core Authentication Service

Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Module

Anonymous Authentication Module

For OpenSSO Enterprise internal use only. Do not remove or modify this file.

Certificate Authentication Module

Authentication Configuration Module

Localized error messages for the AuthContext Java class

For OpenSSO Enterprise internal use only. Do not remove or modify this file.

Data Store Authentication Module

HTTP Basic Authentication Module

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Authentication Module

LDAP Authentication Module

Membership Authentication Module

Mobile Subscriber ISDN Authentication Module

Windows NT Authentication Module

RADIUS Authentication Module

Safeword Authentication Module

SAML Authentication Module

SecurID Authentication Module

Labels used in the authentication user interface

UNIX Authentication Module

Windows Desktop SSO Authentication Module