Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Modify the Self-Registration Page

  1. Customize the Membership.xml file.

    By default, the first three data fields are required in the default Membership Module configuration:

    • User name

    • User Password

    • Confirm User Password

      You can specify which data is requested, which is required, and which is optional. The sample below illustrates how to add a telephone number as requested data.

      You can specify or add data which should be requested from a user as part of the User Profile. By default you can specify or add any attributes from the following objectClasses:

    • top

    • person

    • organizationalPerson

    • inetOrgPerson

    • iplanet-am-user-service

    • inetuser

      Administrators can add their own user attributes to the User Profile.

  2. Update and redeploy the opensso.war file.

    After you have modified the authentication GUI files, in order to see the changes in the actual GUI, you must update and then redeploy the opensso.war file. For more information, see Chapter 12, Creating and Deploying OpenSSO Enterprise WAR Files.

  3. Restart the OpenSSO Enterprise server web container.

    <Callbacks length="9" order="16" timeout="300"
    header="Self Registration" template="register.jsp" >
        <NameCallback isRequired="true" attribute="uid" >
        <Prompt> User Name: </Prompt>
        <PasswordCallback echoPassword="false" isRequired="true"
           attribute="userPassword" >
        <Prompt> Password: </Prompt>
        <PasswordCallback echoPassword="false" isRequired="true" >
        <Prompt> Confirm Password: </Prompt>
        <NameCallback isRequired="true" attribute="givenname" >
        <Prompt> First Name: </Prompt>
        <NameCallback isRequired="true" attribute="sn" >
        <Prompt> Last Name: </Prompt>
        <NameCallback isRequired="true" attribute="cn" >
        <Prompt> Full Name: </Prompt>
        <NameCallback attribute="mail" >
        <Prompt> Email Address: </Prompt>
    <NameCallback isRequired="true"attribute="telphonenumber">
    <Prompt> Tel:</Prompt>
            <Value> Register </Value>
            <Value> Cancel </Value>