Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Create a Specialized OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File

  1. Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to a JDK of version 1.5 or later.

  2. Create a staging directory and extract the files from opensso.war in this staging directory. For example:

    # mkdir opensso-staging
    # cd opensso-staging
    # jar xvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/opensso.war
  3. Create the new specialized WAR file, as follows:

    # cd opensso-staging
    # jar cvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/new-war-filename.war \
    • new-war-filename is the name of the new WAR file. For example: opensso-distauth.war, opensso-idpdiscovery.war, opensso-consoleonly.war, or opensso-noconsole.war.

      Note: Some web containers require the Distributed Authentication UI server WAR file name to use the same name as the deployment URI. Check with your web container documentation for more information.

    • war-file.list specifies the list of files required for the new WAR file, as follows: fam-distauth.list, fam-console.list, or fam-noconsole.list, or fam-idpdiscovery.list.

  4. Update the WAR file created in previous step with the additional files required for new specialized WAR file. For example:

    # cd zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/specialized-files-directory
    # jar uvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/new-war-filename.war *
    • specialized-files-directory specifies the directory where the additional files reside:

      • distauth

      • console

      • noconsole

      • idpdiscovery

    • new-war-filename is the name of the new specialized WAR file.

Next Steps

You are now ready to deploy and configure the new specialized WAR file. For the detailed steps, see the following chapters: