Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide Package

The package includes the SecurityTokenProvider interface for managing Web Service Security (WSS) type tokens and the SecurityAttributePlugin interface for inserting security attributes (using an AttributeStatement) into the assertion during the Discovery Service token generation. The following table describes the classes used to manage Liberty-based security mechanisms.

Table 9–2 Classes




Represents the identity of a proxy, the confirmation key, and confirmation obligation the proxy must possess and demonstrate for authentication purposes. 


Conveys information regarding the accessing entities and the resource for which access is being attempted. 


Provides an extension to the Assertion class to support ID-WSF ResourceAccessStatement and SessionContextStatement.


An entry class for the security package You can call its methods to generate X.509 and SAML tokens for message authentication or authorization. It is designed as a provider model, so different implementations can be plugged in if the default implementation does not meet your requirements.


Represents the session status of an entity to another system entity. 


Conveys the session status of an entity to another system entity within the body of an <saml:assertion> element.


Represents a Liberty subject with its associated session status. 

For more information, including methods and their syntax and parameters, see the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Java API Reference.