Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide

com.sun.identity.saml.plugins Package

The SAML v1.x framework provides service provider interfaces (SPIs), three of which have default implementations. The default implementations of these SPIs can be altered, or brand new ones written, based on the specifications of a particular customized service. The implementations are then used to integrate SAML into the custom service. Currently, the package includes the following.

ActionMapper Interface

ActionMapper is an interface used to obtain single sign-on information and to map partner actions to OpenSSO Enterprise authorization decisions. A default action mapper is provided if no other implementation is defined.

AttributeMapper Interface

AttributeMapper is an interface used in conjunction with an AttributeQuery class. When a site receives an attribute query, this mapper obtains the SSOToken or an assertion (containing an authentication statement) from the query. The retrieved information is used to convert the attributes in the query to the corresponding OpenSSO Enterprise attributes. A default attribute mapper is provided if no other implementation is defined.

NameIdentifierMapper Interface

NameIdentifierMapper is an interface that can be implemented by a site to map a user account to a name identifier in the subject of a SAML assertion. The implementation class is specified when configuring the site's Trusted Partners.

PartnerAccountMapper Interface

Caution – Caution –

The AccountMapper interface has been deprecated. Use the PartnerAccountMapper interface.

The PartnerAccountMapper interface needs to be implemented by each partner site. The implemented class maps the partner site's user accounts to user accounts configured in OpenSSO Enterprise for purposes of single sign-on. For example, if single sign-on is configured from site A to site B, a site-specific account mapper can be developed and defined in the Trusted Partners sub-attribute of site B's Trusted Partners profile. When site B processes the assertion received, it locates the corresponding account mapper by retrieving the source ID of the originating site. The PartnerAccountMapper takes the whole assertion as a parameter, enabling the partner to define user account mapping based on attributes inside the assertion. The default implementation is com.sun.identity.saml.plugin.DefaultAccountMapper. If a site-specific account mapper is not configured, this default mapper is used.

Note –

Turning on the Debug Service in the OpenSSO Enterprise configuration data store logs additional information about the account mapper, for example, the user name and organization to which the mapper has been mapped.

PartnerSiteAttributeMapper Interface

Caution – Caution –

The SiteAttributeMapper interface has been deprecated. Use the PartnerSiteAttributeMapper interface.

The PartnerSiteAttributeMapper interface needs to be implemented by each partner site. The implemented class defines a list of attributes to be returned as elements of the AttributeStatements in an authentication assertion. By default, when OpenSSO Enterprise creates an assertion and no mapper is specified, the authentication assertion only contains authentication statements. If a partner site wants to include attribute statements, it needs to implement this mapper which would be used to obtain attributes, create the attribute statement, and insert the statement inside the assertion. To set up a PartnerSiteAttributeMapper do the following:

  1. Implement a customized class based on the PartnerSiteAttributeMapper interface.

    This class will include user attributes in the SAML authentication assertion.

  2. Log in to the OpenSSO Enterprise console to configure the class in the Site Attribute Mapper attribute of the Trusted Partner configuration.