Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer's Guide


The SPAuthnContextMapper is configured for the service provider and maps the parameters in incoming HTTP requests to an authentication context. It creates a <RequestedAuthnContext> element based on the query parameters and attributes configured in the extended metadata of the service provider. The <RequestedAuthnContext> element is then included in the <AuthnRequest> element sent from the service provider to the identity provider for authentication. The SPAuthnContextMapper also maps the authentication context on the identity provider side to the authentication level set as a property of the user's single sign-on token. The following query parameters can be set in the URL when accessing spSSOInit.jsp:

An example URL might be http://SP_host:SP_port/uri/spSSOInit.jsp?metaAlias=SP_MetaAlias&idpEntityID=IDP_EntityID&AuthnContextClassRef=PasswordProtectedTransport&AuthLevel=4&AuthComparision=minimum

The following attributes in the service provider extended metadata are used by the SPAuthnContextMapper: