Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide

Target URLs

If the Target URL received using either profile is listed as a value of this attribute, the received assertions will be sent to the Target URL using an HTTP FORM POST.

Note –

To edit or duplicate the attributes of a trusted partner profile, click the Local Site Properties button and click New in the Target URL table.

ProcedureTo Configure a Target URL

The following sub attributes can be defined (or modified) for each Target URL that will receive assertions using POST.

  1. Click New to add a new target URL.

    The Add New Post to Target URL page is displayed. You can also reach this page by selecting the Edit or Duplicate button of a defined Target URL.

  2. Type values for the attributes.


    Choose either http or https.

    Server Name

    The name of the server on which the TARGET URL resides, such as


    This attribute contains the port number such as 58080.


    This attribute contains the URI such as /opensso/console.

  3. Click OK to complete the Target URL configuration.

  4. Click Save on the SAML Profile page to complete the SAML configuration.