Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide

Database Logging

This feature provides logging to Oracle or MySQL databases. No special coding is required to enable this feature. In the Logging Service configuration (Configuration > System > Logging), set the Logging Type to DB, set the Database User Name, Database User Password, and Database Driver Name. oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver is the default driver name set for Oracle. For MySQL, it is typically com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. Be sure to put the JDBC driver's .zip or .jar file in the OpenSSO Enterprise web application's classpath (for example, WEB-INF/lib or jre/lib/ext).

The DB Failure Memory Buffer Size specifies how many records per table to buffer if the connection to the database fails. If more records are queued before the connection is reestablished, older records will be discarded.

Note –

The ssoadm command line interface cannot log to the database directly. In addition to adding the JDBC driver to the web application's classpath, remove -D"com.sun.identity.log.dir=<the_specified_log_dir>.