Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Reference

Loading the Liberty meta compliance XML into Directory Server

amadmin -u|--runasdn <user’s DN>
-w|--password <password> or -f|--passwordfile <passwordfile>
-e|--entityname <entity name>
-g|--import <xmlfile>

--runasdn (-u)

The user’s DN

--password (-w)

The user’s password.

--passwordfile (-f)

The name of file that contains user’s password. This file is not encrypted and should be protected as a read-only file owned by the web container runtime user (which may not necessarily be root). The default owner is root but it is not required to be. . Any encryption method you use must be managed outside of amadmin.

--entityname (-e)

The entity name. For example, An entity should belong to only one organization.

--import (-g)

The name of an XML file that contains the meta information. This file should adhere to Liberty meta specification and XSD.