Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Application Deployment Guide

ProcedureTo Enable and Configure or to Disable Autodeployment

  1. To access autodeployment features:

    • In the developer profile:

      1. Select the Application Server component.

      2. Select the Advanced tab.

      3. Select the Applications Configuration tab.

    • In the cluster profile:

      1. Select the Stand-Alone Instances component.

      2. Select the instance named server in the table.

        This is the Admin Server.

      3. Select the Advanced tab.

  2. Check the Auto Deploy Enabled box to enable autodeployment, or uncheck this box to disable autodeployment.

  3. Enter a number of seconds in the Auto Deploy Poll Interval field.

    This sets the interval at which applications and modules are checked for code changes and dynamically reloaded. The default is 2.

  4. You can change the Auto Deploy Directory.

    You can enter an absolute or relative path. A relative path is relative to domain-dir. The default is domain-dir/autodeploy.

  5. You can check the Verifier Enabled box to verify your deployment descriptor files. This is optional.

    For details about the verifier, see The verifier Utility.

  6. Check the Precompile Enabled box to precompile any JSP files.

See Also

For details, click the Help button in the Admin Console.