Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 High Availability Administration Guide

General Options

General command options can be used with any hadbm subcommand. All are boolean options that are false by default. The following table describes the hadbm general command options.

Table 3–5 hadbm General Options

Option(Short Form) 




Execute the subcommand silently without any descriptive messages. 



Display a brief description of this command and all the supported subcommands. No subcommand is required. 



Display the version details of the hadbm command. No subcommand is required.



Execute the subcommand in non-interactive mode. 



Execute the command non-interactively and does not throw an error if the command’s post condition is already achieved. 



Display the subcommand with all the options and their user-defined values or the default values, then executes the subcommand. 



URL to the management agents. URL is: hostlist:port, where hostlist is a comma separated list of hostnames or IP-addresses, and port is the port number on which the management agent is operating.

Default is localhost:1862. 

NOTE: This option is not valid with hadbm addnodes.