Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Data Buffer Pool Information

Data buffer pool information contains the following:

When a user transaction performs an operation on a record, the page containing the record must be in the data buffer pool. If it is not, a miss or a page fault occurs. The transaction then has to wait until the page is retrieved from the data device file on the disk.

If the miss rate is high, increase the data buffer pool. Since the misses are cumulative, run hadbm resourceinfo periodically and use the difference between two runs to see the trend of miss rate. Do not be concerned if free space is very small, since the checkpointing mechanism will make new blocks available.

Example 3–17 Example data buffer pool information

For example:

NodeNO Avail Free Access Misses Copy-on-Write
0 256 128 100000 50000 10001 256 128 110000 45000 950