Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 High Availability Administration Guide

ProcedureTo upgrade HADB to a newer version

  1. Install new version of HADB.

  2. Register the new HADB version, as described in Registering HADB Packages

    Registering the HADB package in the HADB management domain makes it easy to upgrade or change HADB packages. The management agent keeps track of where the software packages are located, as well as the version information for the hosts in the domain. The default package name is a string starting with V and containing the version number of the hadbm program.

  3. Change the package the database uses.

    Enter the following command:

    hadbm set PackageName=package

    where package is the version number of the new HADB package.

  4. Un-register your existing HADB installation as described in Un-registering HADB Packages

  5. If necessary, replace the management agent startup script.

    For more information, see Replacing the Management Agent Startup Script

  6. Verify the results, as described in Verifying HADB Upgrade.

  7. (Optional) Remove the binary files for the old HADB version.

    After verifying that HADB has been upgraded properly, you can delete the old HADB packages.