Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Access the Cluster Configuration Utilities

The clsetup utility enables you to interactively configure quorum, resource group, cluster transport, private hostname, device group, and new node options for the global cluster. The clzonecluster utility performs similar configuration tasks for a zone cluster. For more information, see the clsetup(1CL) and clzonecluster(1CL) man pages.

The phys-schost# prompt reflects a global-cluster prompt. Perform this procedure on a global cluster.

This procedure provides the long forms of the Sun Cluster commands. Most commands also have short forms. Except for the long and short forms of the command names, the commands are identical. For a list of the commands and their short forms, see Appendix B, Sun Cluster Object-Oriented Commands.

  1. Become superuser on an active member node of a global cluster. Perform all steps of this procedure from a node of the global cluster.

  2. Start the configuration utility.

    phys-schost# clsetup
    • For a global cluster, start the utility with the clsetup command.

      phys-schost# clsetup

      The Main Menu is displayed.

    • For a zone cluster, start the utility with the clzonecluster command. The zone cluster in this example is sczone.

      phys-schost# clzonecluster configure sczone

      You can view the available actions in the utility with the following option:

      clzc:sczone> ? 
  3. Choose your configuration from the menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete a task. For more detail, see the instructions in Configuring a Zone Cluster in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

See Also

See the clsetup or clzonecluster online help for more information.