Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureSPARC: How to Create a New Disk Group When Initializing Disks (Veritas Volume Manager)

Note –

This procedure is only for initializing disks. If you are encapsulating disks, use the procedure SPARC: How to Create a New Disk Group When Encapsulating Disks (Veritas Volume Manager).

After adding the VxVM disk group, you need to register the device group.

If you use VxVM to set up shared disk groups for Oracle RAC, use the cluster functionality of VxVM as described in the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Reference Guide.

  1. Become superuser on any cluster node that is physically connected to disks that make up the disk group being added.

  2. Create the VxVM disk group and volume.

    Use your preferred method to create the disk group and volume.

    Note –

    If you are setting up a mirrored volume, use Dirty Region Logging (DRL) to decrease volume recovery time after a node failure. However, DRL might decrease I/O throughput.

    See the Veritas Volume Manager documentation for the procedures to complete this step.

  3. Register the VxVM disk group as a Sun Cluster device group.

    See SPARC: How to Register a Disk Group as a Device Group (Veritas Volume Manager).

    Do not register the Oracle RAC shared disk groups with the cluster framework.