Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Overview of the Quorum Server Configuration File

When you install the Sun Cluster software, a default configuration file, /etc/scqsd/scqsd.conf, is created that contains information about a single default quorum server. Each line in the /etc/scqsd/scqsd.conf file has the following format:

/usr/cluster/lib/sc/scqsd [-d quorumdirectory] [-i instancename] -p port

The full path to where you installed the Sun Cluster software. This value must be /usr/cluster/lib/sc/scqsd.

-d quorumdirectory

The path to the directory where the quorum server can store quorum data.

The quorum server process creates one file per cluster in this directory to store cluster-specific quorum information. By default, the value of this option is /var/scqsd. This directory must be unique for each quorum server that you configure.

-i instancename

A unique name that you choose for the quorum server instance.

-p port

The port number on which the quorum server listens for requests from the cluster. The default port is 9000.

Instance names are optional. If you specify a name for the quorum server, that name must be unique among all quorum servers in your system. If you choose to omit the instance name option, you must refer to the quorum server by the port on which it listens.