Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Performing Zone-Cluster Administrative Tasks

You can perform other administrative tasks on a zone cluster, such as moving the zone path, preparing a zone cluster to run applications, and cloning a zone cluster. All of these commands must be performed from the voting node of the global cluster.

Note –

The Sun Cluster commands that you run only from the voting node in the global cluster are not valid for use with zone clusters. See the appropriate Sun Cluster man page for information about the valid use of a command in zones.

Table 8–3 Other Zone-Cluster Tasks



Move the zone path to a new zone path 

clzonecluster move -f zonepath zoneclustername

Prepare the zone cluster to run applications 

clzonecluster ready -n nodename zoneclustername

Clone a zone cluster 

clzonecluster clone -Z source- zoneclustername [-m copymethod] zoneclustername

Halt the source zone cluster before you use the clone subcommand. The target zone cluster must already be configured.