Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

Troubleshooting Identity Manager Integration

To troubleshoot problems with any procedure in this chapter, try the following:

ProcedureTo Enable Trace in Identity Manager

  1. Login to the Identity Manager debug interface:

    Go to the following URL:


    Provide the following credentials:





  2. Click the Show Trace button.

  3. In the Edit Trace Configuration window, mark Trace Enabled checkbox.

  4. Add the following classes, each with a trace level of 4:

    • com.waveset.adapter.ResourceAdapterBase

    • com.waveset.adapter.SunAccessManagerRealmResourceAdapter

  5. Note the default trace file location and name in the property Trace File.

    You can customize the trace file location or name.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Log out of the Identity Manager debug interface.

To Inspect Log Files

For the installation described in this chapter, these are the log locations:

To View or Change Identity Manager System Settings

Using the Identity Manager Debug Administrator Interface

The following information refers to the examples in this book. For detailed information about using the Debug Administrator Interface, see the Identity Manager Tuning, Troubleshooting, and Error Messages at



User Name:




The following Identity Manager objects were created/modified in this document:

Object Type

Name or ID




Sun OpenSSO Realm 




You can view, edit, or export Identity Manager objects in xml format, or through the Get Object and List Objects buttons.

Using the Identity Manager IDE Interface

Before you begin, disable the Policy Agent on the Identity Manager server. This enables NetBeans to connect to the Identity Manager server.

  1. Download NetBeans IDE 6.0. Web & Java EE edition.

  2. Download the Identity Manager IDE plug-in .

  3. Follow the instructions for installing the IDE Plug-in in NetBeans. Go to the following URL:

    A new IDM menu item appears in the NetBeans menubar.

ProcedureTo Inspect an Identity Manager Object

  1. Choose the "Custom Identity Manager Objects" in the Project window.

  2. In the NetBeans menu, choose IDM / Open Object.

  3. In the Open Object page, do this:

    Object Name: * 
    Object Type: <select an object, ex:Resource>

    You will see that the list of Matching Objects gets populated with the objects of the selected type. In this example, if you select SunAccessManagerRealm, and OK, the object-definition will be downloaded to the project.

To Update an Identity Manager Object

To modify the object, and upload the changed object, right-click on the object in the Project window and select Identity Manager / Upload Object. The following Identity Manager objects were created or modified in this chapter:




Sun Access Manager Realm 


User Interface  

Administrator Interface  

To Consult Forums and Mailing Lists