Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

Configuring Oracle Access Manager for an OpenSSO Enterprise Scheme

The custom authentication scheme for Oracle Access Manager is a C-based implementation, and the custom authentication scheme should be built like a shared library. The custom authentication scheme in this chapter is a Solaris-based shared library and can be ported onto other platforms with similar semantics. This custom authentication module also uses the OpenSSO Enterprise C-SDK for validating the OpenSSO Enterprise session. When an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR file is exploded, the custom authentication module is located under the base-dir/samples/thirdparty/oblix directory. The README.txt contains instructions for configuring the Oracle Access Manager authentication scheme. The following figure provides some details for configuring OpenSSO Enterprise AuthSchemein Oracle Access Manager.

Figure 3–12 Configuring OpenSSO Enterprise AuthSchemein Oracle Access Manager

Oracle Access Manager console, Authentication