Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

Installing the Custom Oracle Authentication Module

In OpenSSO Enterprise, install a custom authentication module for Oracle Access Manager. After exploding the OpenSSO Enterprise WAR file, the custom authentication module is located under the directory base-dir/samples/thirdparty/oblix. Follow the instructions in the README.txt file for building and configuring a custom authentication module. Make sure that the custom authentication module is working before proceeding.

The custom authentication module implements the OpenSSO Enterprise pluggable interface AMLoginModule. The AMLoginModule interface validates the Oracle Access Manager session using the Oracle Access Manager SDK , and then creates an OpenSSO Enterprise session.

To configure the custom Oracle Authentication Module, provide the following information:


Name of the Oblix session cookie


Directory where the Oblix SDK is installed and configured. Make sure that ObAccessClient.xml is configured.


The name of the header for an authenticated user after successful authentication.


If true, the authentication modules looks only for the remote user header name.