Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

Modifying the LDAP Authentication Module XML Service File

By default, upon receiving a directory-server request for the user to change his password, OpenSSO Enterprise directs the user to its own password-change page. Configure OpenSSO Enterprise to use a custom JSP for password-change events. Modify the LDAP.xmlfile to use ChangePassword.jsp that you created in Creating a Custom ChangePassword.jsp File .

You can manually change the deployed LDAP.xml file, or you can use the sample LDAP.xml included with the download. Choose only one of the following procedures:

ProcedureTo Manually Modify a Deployed LDAP.xml File

  1. Use a text editor to open the /web-container-deploy-base/opensso/config/auth/default/LDAP.xml file, and add the section of code highlighted in bold in the following example:

    PasswordCallback echoPassword="false" >
    <Prompt> Password: </Prompt>
    <Callbacks length="4" order="2" timeout="120" template="ChangePassword.jsp" 
    header="Change Password&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/BR&gt;#REPLACE#&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/BR&gt;" >
    <PasswordCallback echoPassword="false" >
    <Prompt>Old Password </Prompt>
  2. Use a text editor to open the /web-container-deploy-base/opensso/config/auth/default_en/LDAP.xml file, and make the same change as in step 1.

ProcedureTo Use the Sample LDAP.xml

  1. Change to the opensso/integrations/idm/xml/ directory in the decompressed to access the sample LDAP.xml.

  2. Replace your deployed /web-container-deploy-base/opensso/config/auth/default/LDAP.xml with the a customLDAP.xml.

    Choose only one of the following options:

    • Replace your existing LDAP.xml file with the sample LDAP.xml file. If you choose this option, you will lose any custom changes you may have made to this file earlier.

    • Run the diff command to compare the files, then manually make the necessary changes.