Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

ProcedureTo Change the Registration Work Flow Using NetBeans IDE

Before You Begin
  1. Create (or open) an Identity Manager Project in NetBeans.

    You can use this procedure with either integrated or remote NetBeans projects. Use the online help available in NetBeans to create the Identity Manager project if necessary. See the Identity Manager IDE website for more information.

  2. From the NetBeans Project Window, right-click on the Custom Identity Manager Objects Node and select IDM > Open Object.

  3. In the Open Object dialog box, enter the object name “End User Anonymous Enrollment,” and click OK.

  4. Right-click on the file in the Project Window, and choose IDM > Clone Object(s) to clone the object for safe keeping.

  5. Name the new object End User Anonymous Enrollment Orig.

  6. Click on the tab in the Editor window containing the file “End User Anonymous Enrollment” work flow.

    This will put the file in focus.

  7. Expand the tree in the Navigator Window to locate the Activity Assimilate User View.

  8. Add the OpenSSO Enterprise resource to the map of options for the "assimilate" invocation.

    The changes are displayed in bold in the following example:

    <Activity id='2' name='Assimilate User View'>
    <Action id='0' hidden='true'>
    <invoke name='assimilate'>
    <s> </s>
    <s> </s>
    <s> </s>
    <Variable name='view'>
    <Return from='view' to='user'/>
    <Return from='WF_ACTION_ERROR' to='error'/>
    <Transition to='Create Process View'/>

    The name of the OpenSSO resource (OpenSSO in self_registration_idm_anon_enroll.html) is the name assigned when the resource was created. To verify the name, navigate to the "Resources | List Resources" tab in the Identity Manager administration console and expand the "Sun Access Manager Realm" branch.

  9. Save the changes.

  10. Right-click on the file and select IDM > Upload Object(s) to upload the file.