Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle RAC Guide for Solaris OS

Reservation Step Timeout

The time that is required for reservation commands to run is affected by the following factors:

If the number of shared physical disks in the cluster is large, or if your cluster is heavily loaded, the reconfiguration of Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC might time out. If such a timeout occurs, increase the reservation step timeout.

To increase the reservation step timeout, increase the Reservation_timeout extension property of the SUNW.rac_framework resource.

For more information, see SUNW.rac_framework Extension Properties.

Example 4–2 Setting the Reservation Step Timeout

# clresource set -p reservation_timeout=350 rac-framework-rs

This example sets the timeout for the reservation step of a reconfiguration of Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC to 350 seconds. This example assumes that RAC framework component is represented by an instance of the SUNW.rac_framework resource type that is named rac-frameowrk-rs.