Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle RAC Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Verify the Status of Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC

This procedure provides the long forms of the Sun Cluster maintenance commands. Most commands also have short forms. Except for the forms of the command names, the commands are identical. For a list of the commands and their short forms, see Appendix A, Sun Cluster Object-Oriented Commands, in Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

  1. Become superuser or assume a role that provides RBAC authorization.

  2. Display status information for the Sun Cluster objects in which you are interested.

    For example:

    • To display status information for all resource groups in your cluster, type the following command:

      # clresourcegroup status +
    • To display status information for all resources in a resource group, type the following command:

      # clresource status -g resource-group +

      Specifies the resource group that contains the resources whose status information you are displaying.

See Also

For information about options that you can specify to filter the status information that is displayed, see the following man pages: